Enjoying a Life of Miracles through one's Thoughts - Without any sorrow

Enjoying a Life of Miracles through one's Thoughts - Without any sorrow
Jean Clovis Ouabo


The aim of the author of this book is to try to understand the process of the conception of the thought of man, the mechanism of the intervention of acting spirits in its implementation, but also and above all, the source of the power that these spirits deploy, to transform our invisible thoughts, into visible works called miracles or wonders, through supernatural processes.
For the sake of pragmatism, he has compared the works of the main religious leaders who are : Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus Christ, to identify the one of them who was clothed with supreme power to perform miracles in all circumstances so that we can exploit his doctrine to enjoy the same privileges to enjoy a life of miracles, without any sorrow.
The main conclusions of his research are the following :
1. There are two main sources of power which are deployed by acting spirits to transform man’s thoughts into visible works. These are the LORD God and the god Baal. Their works fall into two registers : the register of good, light, spirit or life for the first source, and that of evil, darkness, flesh or death for the second.
2. The powers provided by the above-mentioned deities can be placed at the disposal of man, either temporarily or permanently.
3. The works produced by the acting spirits may or may not be followed by sorrow.


A teacher by training, former National Inspector of Pedagogy and author of textbooks in the tertiary sector, Mr. Jean Clovis Ouabo has now retired and is from now on interested in anthropology. After a training in theology with the aim of a better understanding of the influence of religious beliefs in human societies, he undertook to carry out anthropological research on various topics, including the one the results of which are contained in the present book entitled « Enjoying a Life of Miracles through one’s Thoughts, without any sorrow ».

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Enjoying a Life of Miracles through one's Thoughts - Without any sorrow
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